SIU-91 Isolator

The SIU-91 is an improved version of the SIU-90 constant current isolator. While functionally identical to the SIU-90, the SIU-91 offers significantly faster rise times and lower noise. The SIU-91 features a new ultrahigh isolation DC to DC converter operating at 125 KHz eliminating the need for expensive battery replacements.


  • Gated constant current source
  • High compliance voltage (>100VDC)
  • Leakage current less than 1 microamp
  • Current set by precision 10 turn dial
  • Up to 10 mA pulsed current output
  • External power supply included
  • Internal rechargeable battery for even lower noise operation
  • 10 microsecond pulse rise time
  • Output short circuited when pulse off
  • DC to DC converter operates at 125Khz,
  • residual noise is outside of the range of most biological signals

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