ER-16 Multichannel Extracellular Amplifier

The ER-16 is a versatile amplifier which is primarily intended for extracellular use. The ER-16 offers up to 16 independent channels each with programmable gain, high pass filter, low pass filter, and offset. All aspects of the ER-16 can be controlled remotely as well as manually via front panel controls.

  • Features
  • AC coupled X10 standard headstage
  • High input impedance...10 GigaOhms
  • Input range...+-.5volt max.
  • Sharp 4 pole high pass filter with 22 settings from .2 to 800 Hz
  • DC offset control on each output
  • 24 Gain settings per channel from X100 to X20K (with 10X headstage)
  • Sharp 4 pole low pass filter with 19 settings from 200 to 20KHz
  • Line frequency notch filter
  • Output impedance...50 Ohms
  • Low noise...10 microvolt pp at 10KHZ

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